How to Enjoy Winter in Tuscany?

What are the main criteria you check out while you are planning to visit a place? You definitely think of the best time of the year to be in that tourist destination. For example, you can enjoy the mountain region of any country during the summer. Now, if you are planning for luxury holidays in Tuscany, you have to check out the best time of the year to enjoy the serene beauty of this place. Summer is always the best time to be in Tuscany. The bright sun gives you the days of enjoying the picturesque beauty of this Italian province and you get sunny days to go trekking. But, you know there are lots of people who prefer to walk on the wrong route. They prefer to be different and want to travel places during the off-season. So, a winter trip to Tuscany won’t disappoint the adventure-lovers at all.

Traveling in the off-season also has certain benefits. If you hate crowd and want to avoid it with all your heart, you should avoid peak seasons. In Tuscany, summer is really crowded. Visiting there in winter will give you the opportunity to enjoy the tranquil nature of Tuscany. Again, you can get attractive discounts at the luxury hotels and make your trip full of excitements.

Want to Visit Tuscany in winter? Go for It!

Winter in Tuscany is really amazing. There are fewer crowds, so you can travel stress-free. Winter brings new flavors, aroma, treats, and recipes that make your winter in Tuscany memorable. Besides that, Tuscany is always a great retreat for the nature lovers. The lush green landscapes and the vast agricultural lands with steeping valleys are the reasons why Tuscany is so popular among tourists. During the winter, you get additional seasonal flowers and outstanding landscapes that will woo you forever. What you need to keep in mind is that winter is not a matter of joke in Tuscany. So, you have to dress up accordingly. Besides that, the daylight is shorter during the winter. So, you should make the maximum use of the morning and visit places of your interest. For the night, you can plan great dinners at the luxurious restaurants with the best wine.

What to Do in Tuscany during winter?

Winter is for enjoying the city life, exhibitions, shops, etc. in Tuscany. Explore the small towns and cities in Tuscany to experience the local life here. How to make your winter full of vibrancy in Tuscany? Read on to know more-


  • Enjoy the Exciting City Life


Winter will unfold Tuscany in bits and parts. You will be mesmerized by the unique flavor and form of the province. Exhibitions, concerts, and shows are organized during this time of the year and the crowd heads towards the museums, art galleries or the theatres to enjoy their evenings. Walk along with them and you can get a beautiful evening to remember forever. While you are here in winter, how can you forget about the Carnevale of Tuscany! The streets of Florence, Pisa, and Siena will be flooded with colors and vibrancy during this time. Not only that, but this is the time of the year when you get the maximum experience of the local lifestyle of the Tuscan people.


  • Spend a Lazy Afternoon at a Café


Are you a creative person? Or you just want to be alone in a new city and brood? A winter afternoon in a café in Tuscany can create the exact atmosphere for you. Have a cup of special Tuscany coffee, feel the aroma and just keep a lazy gaze on the street, watching people coming and going; overall enjoy the moving life just being aloof from it for some time being. Once you are in such a café for a few days, you will see that Italians are people of early morning coffee. They make a cordial relationship with the bartenders and you will make that bond within a few days. Don’t forget to have a fuming cup of hot chocolate and pudding in Italian cafes.


  • Enjoy Shopping at Saldi


Do you know what ‘Saldi’ is? It is the Tuscan version of winter sales that starts in January. Obviously, the word ‘sale’ has already brought smiles to your face. Now, you will be happier once you find things at half of the price of the original price. There are several smaller shops and boutiques where you can find the competitive deals to make your shopping bag full. Usually, the sale starts before the day of the Epiphany (6th January) and lasts for 60 days. Two months for shopping at a lower price? What are you waiting for? Plan a winter vacation at Tuscany now. But, you need to make it hurry until collections are there.


  • Pamper Yourself in the Hot Spring


Now, that is quite relaxing. There are several thermal glasses of water in Tuscany; there is one near Siena. Wipe out all your tiredness and rejuvenate yourself by soaking in the hot spring of Tuscany. You will find several healthcare centres where you can also go for amazing therapies and treatments to bring out a new you. You may stay anywhere, but make sure you have a hot spring near your dwelling place in Tuscany.

So, winter in Tuscany is really alluring, right? Without wasting any time, you can pack your bags now and set on for the journey.


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